• Classic cars encompass all automobiles that satisfy certain conditions for it to be called as such. These conditions are generally vague, as people have different opinions on what may be considered classic. A car with a timeless, elegant design and powerful engine can be reasonably thought of as a classic, but all the same, rarity and demand are the biggest factors. Thus, the characteristics that determine this type of car are still hazy. That's why over the years, several groups have devised some ways to organize the seemingly ambiguous definition of these cars. While they are still unofficial, it helps to know the features common in these popular classics, and know what makes them a favorite among collectors.

    The Factors that Help Define a Classic Car

    • Engine - These cars are usually powered by high-performance engines. However, there are some automobiles with relatively slower engines, which are recognized as classic.
    • Coachwork - Intricate coachwork is a common feature among classics.

    Luxury accessories

    The accessories or optional parts that go with the vehicle are also a factor. These may include clutches and power brakes.

    Year the Car was Manufactured - Age is always a consideration in determining whether an automobile is a classic or not. For a certain vehicle to pass as one, it has to be manufactured around the late 1940's to 1980's. Thus, a classic car's age should be 25 years or older.

    An Example Of A Few Classic Cars

    Here are some of the most popular classics shortlisted by our experts at Leland West Insurance that are widely recognized by not only car aficionados, but your everyday person as well:


    • Corvette - this classic sports car was the first one to come as a convertible, and while it didn't sell well at first, and had to undergo some restyling, it became an extremely popular classic among American consumers.
    • Chrysler New Yorker - this was Chrysler’s most popular model and helped them forge a brand name among American car manufacturers from the late 30s well into the next several decades.
    • Austin A40 - this was a popular mid-size car produced in Britain in the 50s and 60s, and was both reliable and classy looking.

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  • A lot of die-hard car aficionados refer to the Pontiac GTO as the original version of the true muscle car. The reason behind this is that Pontiac did not follow the big-bodied and massive makes of other manufacturers when they designed their muscle cars. This kind was intermediary in size and did not also belong to the heavy weights that curtail the power and speed of a true racing car.

    The GTO - A Tale Of Two Eras

    In the 60s, there were the Fords, GMs and Chryslers but the Pontiac GTO quickly rose to the top as one of the premiere cars in its class. Its appearance suggested ultimate comfort and style and many other manufacturers soon found themselves using the GTO as the ultimate benchmark when designing their cars. That is why in the succeeding years, the big-bodied designs were given a total make-over.

    The original Pontiac GTO was introduced in 1964 and it went through 6 generations before being retired in 1974. According to legend, the Pontiac stole the name GTO from the Ferrari 250 GTO, which was also a legendary classic car.

    When Pontiac designed the Pontiac GTO, it emerged with a 389 V8 engine that had quick steering, dual exhaust and came with premium tires. After a while, the GTO added another model in its category that had a 325 bhp, single 4bbl card. With this in mind, they just projected to sell around 5,000 vehicles but ended selling close to 33,000 units!

    After the final GTO was rolled off the assembly line in 1974, it was re-launched 30 years later in 2004. Pontiac had high hopes for this launch, hoping to sell upwards of 17-18,000 units, but the American consumer did not take to the new model like the manufactured had hoped. Over 40,000 GTOs were produced from 2004-06, when production ceased due to declining sales.

    While the new GTOs received a lukewarm reception, the older models will always be considered true American muscle that captured both the hearts and minds of millions of Americans from a nostalgic and bygone era.

    If you are just learning about muscle cars, we at Leland West Insurance suggest you start with the Pontiac GTO. This car alone has created more fans of this hobby than any other. Leland West experts suggest that you see one of these cars in person by either going to a car auction or to a car show. You truly must see one of these cars in mint condition to truly appreciate its beauty.

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  • Buying a car is more involving and needs one to have a lot of savvy and diligence. Many car enthusiasts will argue how difficult it is to come into conclusion on buying a classic British car. There are many options to take note of before the purchase of a classic car. So, before you decide on jumping on that Ferrari or Aston Martin, think about the Beetles, minis and other classic cars which are more affordable at the end of the spectrum.


    Before buying a car, there are many options that you need to put in place. You will have to focus on cars which are plentiful, cheap, have decent owners, and which has its parts readily available. There are plenty of classic British cars in the market thus don't lose hope thinking you will never drive a classic car.


    In this article, our experts at Leland West Insurance have come up with great classics for the car enthusiast and other possibilities to choose. Here are some tips by our experts at Leland West Insurance to help you when purchasing a classic British car.




    When choosing your classic car, it is important to go with something you can insure and most preferably the one that can be insured with a classic car policy. Having your car insured is important as it covers your expenses in the occurrence of vehicle damage. Insurance also covers injuries to passengers, drivers, and pedestrians.




    Your budget will always dictate your say. It is important to understand that when choosing the car drive you envy; their pricing must go along with your budget. However, there are all sorts of cars types available within a particular price band. It is necessary to work out if you want something practical, sporty, fun, mainstream, family car or even off the beat.




    Old is gold, yeah they said! But when it comes to the cars engines, it is important to understand that age of the car is always critical. You need to narrow down your field working on what age your vehicle should be. Many classic designs which were modeled long ago are still preferred by many. Newer models developed in the '80s and '90s are still usable in the modern market. If your car of choice will be your daily transport, it is important to go with something frugal and reasonably practical.




    Luxury is a source of comfort, but to others, they just want a ride which is offbeat, cheap but still comfortable. No one can ever beat the buzz of riding a convertible on a sunny day. For many young risers, they only want to ride a cheap classic open top vehicle to satisfy their comfort. A car you are more comfortable with will always define you. Be proud of what you have and choose a comfortable car to ride.


    Buying a classic British car whether online or in person is an involving process. These tips are the general view that will help you when purchasing a car especially if you are focusing on older vehicles. These tips will help and safeguard you against making an impulse buying which can lead to a major mistake.

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  • Chevrolet Camaro can be classified as both a muscle car and a pony car because of its diverse models. It was manufactured by General Motors under the brand name Chevrolet in 1967. Chevrolet Camaro was Ford Mustang's main rival. The very first time it was introduced, the media asked the production managers what a Camaro is. Their response was really quite clever, as they replied that a Camaro is a small ferocious animal that eats Mustangs. This was clearly a direct assault on Ford Mustang. Since Ford Mustang was the number one selling car during those days, they were the number one target of Chevrolet. Luckily, Chevrolet took the chance and brought home the bacon.

    Chevy Camaro - A Timeless Classic

    Did you know that Chevrolet Camaro has five generations? The first generation has two versions - the coupe and convertible models. These two models went out on the market in 1967. The second generation was produced in the 70s as tons of alterations were made. The new designs added more room for a larger space, new outer shell, an A-arm front suspension and leaf springs for extra security. This car was included in the top ten best cars in the world. Since change is inevitable, Chevrolet had to make yet another innovation for their vehicle. This was when the third generation came about. The third generation used the latest technology in improving the car's performance. Among those changes were the manual and automatic transmissions, fuel injections, and the standard four-cylinder engines. The fourth and fifth generations were just about the same. Engines were improved and the appearance continued to become more ultramodern. On April 10, 2010, the Camaro received the award, the "World Car Design of the Year", an anticipated award they truly deserve.


    There is no doubt that Chevrolet Camaro will make six or seventh generation cars especially when a lot of car enthusiasts love their designs and high performance. As long as Chevrolet exists, then Camaro will definitely continue to devour other models that might get in its way. So, watch out for Chevy's new addition and other updates to the Camaro because this car will continue to ascend in the car industry in my humble opinion.


    If you own an antique car like Chevy Camaro then consider a reputed company like Leland West Insurance for insuring your classic beauty. Leland West will ensure you afford any possible damage which can occur with unfortunate incidences such as accident or like that, which can weight your pocket.


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  • In 1979, a bright orange car with a Confederate flag painted on the roof jumped off of a dirt pile and into the hearts of millions of people around the world - the car was a 1969 Dodge Charger affectionately called the "General Lee" and the show was the Dukes of Hazzard.

    Every week fans watched the crazy escapades of the cousins Bo and Luke Duke, their Uncle Jesse, and Daisy Duke, their long-legged firecracker of a cousin. While the characters are very entertaining to watch, especially Daisy with her short, cut-off jeans, flowing golden locks... oh where was I? Oh yes, the show... the General Lee has been the object of desire of every young boy in the era, next to Daisy of course.


    How the 1969 Charger got the name General Lee is quite a long story, but here's the short version of it. The show Dukes of Hazzard was loosely based on the movie "Monnrunners", and in the movie there was a car that was named "Traveller", which was the name of the horse that General Robert E. Lee rode in the Civil War. In the show, the name of the car was changed into "The General Lee" which is by far, much catchier.


    What made the General Lee such an automotive icon is the scene that is shown at the start of the opening credits of the Dukes of Hazzard. The iconic jump over a dirt pile over a police cruiser solidified the claim of the General Lee as the most sought after car in the days when the show was still being aired. As you may already know, the Charger is a very sturdy car, but if you drive like the Duke boys no car can last long; that is why over 300 Chargers were used and totalled during the filming of the show until it ended.


    The Dukes of Hazzard made the General Lee one the most recognizable cars in the world, and even today some Dodge Chargers are painted orange and are called General Lee's, in honor of the high-flying car that was driven by two crazy cousins from Hazzard County.


    If you own a classic car like General Lee then don't forget to cover your classic beauty with classic car insurance from Leland West Insurance. A reputed company like Leland West will ensure you afford any possible damage which can occur with unfortunate incidences such as accident or like that, which can weight your pocket. Call us today at +1 559-431-8282 and learn more about our services.

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